Troy Berkley & Krak in Dub – Upgrades

11 Juin, 2016

With UPGRADES, Fogata Sounds imprint nearly 20 years of collaboration between Troy Berkley et Krak in Dub. This opus follows half a dozen maxi 45s and 300+ gigs across Europe, from the One Love Festival to the underground sound system nights. The vocalist and the producer skills take you on a journey into “Sound System” music, from Early Roots to Future Dance-Hall, oscillating between Dub and Jungle. Those styles appear like solar polaroids , bringing images to the minds of neophytes and music lovers. 12 effective and original tunes mixing analog instrumentals like in “Life pon the line” or “CrystalBall” to the uncompromising Stepper from « Roll Call ». Featuring the big tune « Matta » and to singles « Dub plate Dada » et « Sound and Power » feat Sr Wilson.


Tracklist Upgrades – Troy Berkley & Fogata Sounds

01. Life on the line

02. Cristal ball

03.  As I wake up

04.  Dubplate Dada

05. Sound & Power

06. Roll Call

07. Matta

08. Love thing

09. Corner Dance

10. Natty Nah Fear

11. Worth

12. Matrixx

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